Finding clothes to buy that fit you can be a real pain, clothing sizes can change depending on which shop you are in, and some can even vary within the same shop given style and manufacturer! Some shops equate a UK size 12 with a European 40 others with a 38. The bad news is that clothes sizings have changed consistently from decade to decade and getting the sizes right on vintage clothes is even more challenging than those on the high street today.

First, focus on the individual. Be personal. Look for ways to make the experience they have with you more personal. Look at the experience from their point of view and ask the question “what could we do to make their experience more enjoyable, easier and respectful of their time with you?”. And make sure you are flexible in how you treat people recognizing that each person is different and should receive their own personal brand of service. Workshop the be personal task with your team and ask a sample of your customers how you can make their experience with you more personal.

Zippers were first put in children’s clothing in the 1930’s and replaced the button fly in men’s trousers around 1937. There were a few zippers in gucci of the 1940’s, but most garments still possessed button fasteners, until the 1950’s when they finally became popular.

Hipline – this is set to be 23cm/8inches below the waist but to see if a garment will really fit you compare the widest/fullest hip measurement – if this is not obvious it will be roughly 10″ below the waist.

Smile — A great smile is worth a million bucks! People naturally feel closer to someone who flashes them a warm and sincere smile. However, a set of healthy teeth and gums makes flashing that smile a whole lot easier. Actually, a set a fleshy, pink gums can be truly sexy on a plus size women. Think Anna Nicole Smith here.

We met for lunch and spent nearly two hours catching up on occasions in each other’s lives. We then went looking for womens clothes for her mother. Her mom has had issues with her weight for most of her life. Attributable to this she has a troublesome time buying clothes. My friend stated that misses sizes now not match her mother so she needed to go into the womens clothes section. Her mother tends to pick out things which can be over sized to help disguise her weight. This causes her to look even bigger. My pal needed to get her a jacket that she may leave opened with a shirt underneath.

When choosing an accessory it must match the individuals’ personality and style. It will be the main point of attraction to any outfit regardless of the situation or occasion. Whether it is a elegant clutch bag for a formal evening out or a crazy tote bag for a day of fun, it must accentuate the wearers style.

How to measure for a bra the correct way can make all the difference in the way a woman looks and feels. Womens clothing will also fit so much better with a correctly fitting bra.