So at about 1am this morning, Burst.Net finally got my server up and running for me to use. Unfortunately for me, I was already sleeping and I had work today so I wasn’t able to actually play with it until tonight. Like other VPS’s and dedicated servers out there, the server is usually bare boned with no software except the operating system. For me I decided to use CentOS 5 64-bit edition to get my web server up and running. Burst.NET had Apache 2 pre-installed on my VPS for me but that was pretty much about it. So I had to scramble around and search for an easy way to install Mysql and PHP to go with my Linux Apache server.

Now days the HTTP server are very sophisticated. Web 2.0 allows sending many requests to the browser and get responses without the need to refresh the whole screen. This makes it easy to process information inside the page without affecting the whole page. This makes it easy and interactive to exchange information quickly in sites like Facebook.

One of the major complaints that most people have with free web mail services is the major amount of advertising that takes place on their site. The use of a free web mail service can be a problem if the advertisements are getting into your business mail. This does not look professional and some ads may not be suitable for going across the desk of an important client.

So what does it take to get into this growing profession? Typically a process server must be a disinterested party to the lawsuit and over the age of 18. In order to become a pre-employment background investigations some states have an education or examination requirement but it tends to be less than that than what is required to obtain a real estate license.

The entire foreclosure process in Illinois can take anywhere from 8 months to over a year. Typically the bank will not start the foreclosure proceedings until you are about 3 months behind on your payments. The first thing they will do is send you a letter of default. This will give you thirty days to bring your mortgage current before they take the step of hiring an attorney.

Some mail clients are not easy to understand or use. The average person may have problems using a mail client that does not do things in the typical way. Most web mail clients delete messages after you have read them. This is an automatic process and they are removed from your inbox. There are a couple of mail clients who do not do this. The excess can clog up your messages and cause confusion when it comes to tracking a particular item. They can be removed but there are processes and this can an aggravation when it comes to very many messages.

After that when you scroll down the installation page there are a lot of directories and addresses that are already set up for you. The ones you should take note of are the ones that start with http:// as these are the urls that you will use to access the admin section and to read your blog.

It is recommended that you run a system-optimizer to do it for you. Most of them have been developed by a professional team that has the time and resources to always ensure a safe fix. It might fix your “DCOM Server Process Launcher Terminated Unexpectedly” error.