Pay and go broadband allows you to connect to the internet without having to sign any contract with your mobile network. You can pay for the usage according to day or month. There is no attachment to whatever monthly fee, unlike contracts. You will only need to pay when you want to connect to the internet.

Since Alltel got married to Verizon, it’s remains to be seen if she’s gonna keep seeing Sprint on the side and for how long. Considering Verizon has never been with Sprint in the past, there’s this inkling feeling that Verizon might cut ties. Nevertheless, Alltel is having her cake and eating it too. Right now she’s got a 10 year roaming agreement with Sprint and a merger with Verizon who’s known for their reliability.

Safaricom Ltd. continued to dominate the mobile telecommunications industry holding a 77 per cent share of the market but gradually ground to the minor players- Zain Kenya Ltd., Telkom Orange Ltd. and Yu Ltd. who held 14 per cent, 6 percent and 3 per cent market share respectively by year end. The Company has however continued to invest heavily in improving its infrastructure so as to retain and improve its market share. Going forward competition will continue to constitute its foremost challenge in addition to a dynamic and challenging regulatory and economic environment, high energy costs and an uncertain political climate.

The cheap broadband deals are provided by all major networks. The networks providing broadband services are 3, T-Mobile, Vodafone etc. These networks are giving free handsets along with the broadband. The monthly rental for these is cheap. One most popular deal among the networks is provided by the three Mobilt Bredbånd . The 3 network gives a lot of incentive to the customers. Lots of mobile accessories are being offered in the market by such networks. Along with that there are many free gifts provided in the market like LCD TV, Laptop, Bluetooth devices, headphones etc.

Despite an early fall in the first four months of 2009, Building & Construction rose steadily for the rest of the year rising over 30 per cent between April and December. While Bamburi Cement Ltd. – the sub-sector heavyweight- fell 5 per cent for the year, Athi River Mining Ltd. stock rose an impressive 23 per cent during the same period. The overall result for the sub-sector, however, was a decline of 2 per cent to finish in negative territory for the year.

Despite a 50 per cent rise in its revenues in 2009, Kenyan tea and coffee producer, Sasini Tea & Coffee Ltd.- the largest Agriculture company by market capitalisation- saw a 40 per cent fall in 2009 full-year net profit dropping to KES 526 million from KES 876 million in 2008. This was down to a rise in its operational costs. However, the stock held relatively well falling a mere 3 per cent for the year.

Perhaps the best way to keep in touch with individuals is through video chat. The greatest thing about this is that you are actually able to see the other person as you are talking. Ten years ago, this technology was new and very subpar. Now, video chat is a great way to be able to connect with another person that is far more intimate than a video phone call. With video chat, picture can get to be choppy if you have anything less than a 4G connection. In order to avoid talking with a frozen image, make sure that you have the appropriate level of internet in your home or work.

The battery offers 5.5 hours of video playback or 4 hours of live streaming TV or 150 hours standby and 5-second wake-up. If this is used just as a entertainment unit on the morning commute, big lunch meeting, or even watching Buffy on Hulu, then this might be the perfect tablet for you. If you are looking for a more serious computing tablet you should pass. As an alternative to the iPad this stacks up quite nicely on the entertainment value scale.