Buying a pair of binoculars can be a decision you have to put off for a very long time because of the price. Well in today’s world, there are many places where you can find discount binoculars. These discount binoculars are usually half the price of normal binoculars you find in a regular retail store. Many people are hesitant of buying discount binoculars because they feel the quality and durability may be lacking if they don’t spend enough money on them! That isn’t TRUE! You can find the same name brand binoculars for just about half the price anywhere else, all thanks to the World Wide Web!

You do have a few options when it comes to shopping for this product. You can visit your local sporting goods store and see if they have them on sale as sometimes they will run sales on binoculars. This is especially true during summer months when outdoor equipment goes on sale. You may want to call around to the different stores before you visit them to save time. Some sporting good stores to check out are Dick’s Sporting Goods and Cabela’s.

Practise by choosing an object to view and stand facing it directly. Make sure your whole body, including your feet is straight on it. Raise your head and look at the object.

Mistake Number Two – buying binoculars that are not waterproof. You say you’ll never go birding in the rain? That may be true, but even water vapor from humidity in the air can be a problem. If your binoculars get any amount of moisture inside them they can fog up inside when that moisture condenses due to a change in temperature just like your mirror gets fogged up when you take a hot shower. Even if they dry out later, that day of birding was spoiled. Good, waterproof binoculars are filled with nitrogen to keep out moisture and even these can be found in a relatively inexpensive pair.

You will need at least a 7 or 8 times power (or magnification zoom) mil vs moa to clearly see and identify the birds you are watching. Any less and you’ll have trouble seeing the smaller details of any birds you are watching from any great distance away.

The second part of the equation is the diameter of the objective lens. This diameter means how big the objective lens through which you will be viewing the object is. The bigger the lens the better light will be able to come through to you and the brighter will the image. However you just cannot have a very big binocular because then it will become very heavy and bulky. Bulky binoculars are not easily handled and your hand will shake while you are viewing the object. You will need a tripod stand to make sure that you can view the object without shaking with a bigger objective lens. That is why the optimum size of the binocular is the either 8×42 or 10×42 while hunting.

There are many more factors that determine the performance and quality of your binoculars. I tried to cover the most important features to consider. Remember to ask yourself the questions I’ve discussed above when choosing the pair that’s right for you. Good luck in your decision, and don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about the binoculars that we offer.