Many people send hours keeping the insides of their homes neat & clean. However, their garage is a different matter, often neglected until cleaning is absolutely necessary. The garage often becomes a kind of a catch-all for the stuff that gets kicked out of the house. It also becomes a storage area for large, bulky items such as sporting & camping items, tools, unused chemicals, lawn care equipment or other things. The garage is also exposed to outdoor elements such as rodents, insects & mold. Because of this it’s not a friendly environment and people really don’t like being out there for long. As a result, many people often put off cleaning and organizing their garage.

With summer comes vacations and the kids are out of school. This means time away from your lawn and heavy foot traffic the rest of the time. There are hotter temperatures and more pests that are looking for a cool spot to get away from the heat. Summer ET Lawn Care LLC can be super easy with a little maintenance done once a week.

You have to know who your customers are going to be. You may know of people who are unable to take care of their lawns because of physical disabilities. Other people may have an active work or life style and do not have the extra time on their hands. You may decide your target markets are the elderly and working families.

Keep in mind that marketing with signs or wraps on your vehicles is hard to track. You will never know how many jobs you actually land because you have signage. So make sure not to invest too heavily in this marketing medium when Lawn Care service you first start your business.

Internet Tutor. I personally do not know a single person who does not own a computer. However, there are still millions of people that are completely clueless (my mother-in-law) when it comes to operating their computer and using the internet. Again, you can advertise on Craigslist for free. Charge by the hour.

Two years ago, while watching television one evening (during the hurricane season), a storm was raging (we have Direct TV, which usually stays connected even in the worst weather, and goes out during a light shower – go figure). Suddenly we heard a huge crack and boom. It sounded to me like our back porch’s roof had been peeled back. We jumped up, grabbed flashlights and headed outside. The roof was fine; our lawn care rig’s enclosure was fine. None of our yard’s trees were down. We could not find anything that could have made the HUGE noise.

If you are not comfortable with chemical grub killers, you can try some organic products. This process mainly includes adding an organism called nematodes to the soil. You should buy the ones that are specially meant for killing lawn grubs. They are safe and totally organic. These organisms kill the grubs and then they die off naturally.

When you use these lawn care techniques, you improve your ability to have a well taken care of, and good looking yard. It only takes maintaining these techniques to see marked improvement in the way your lawn looks.