Normal blood glucose levels vary very little from person to person. There is a set range within which your glucose levels should fall in, anything outside this and you could end up with some kind of problems. Glucose mainly is a kind of an energy source in the body. It is created whenever you consume any form of carbohydrates. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which ultimately helps in regulating the glucose in the blood.

To reduce your risk for complications follow a healthy eating plan, stay active, check your blood sugars, take your medication, maintain a healthy weight, and rely on your health care team for credible and accurate information.

The advice given for lowering your diabetes risk will work double for you now. Lowering your weight, getting in shape, changing what you eat and being more active – those things have been known to reverse type 2 diabetes.

With several types of test available to measure your blood glucose levels you can very well control it if you are a diabetic. Knowing these levels is preferable as it keeps on your toes so that you take efforts to have better health.

Eating many small, healthy meals a day will stabilize your comment reduire sa glycemie levels and allow the rest of your body to function properly, bringing your metabolism back up to par. Additionally, the tendency to overeat will be thwarted if low glucose levels are avoided.

Fasting blood glucose test-This test is done when the body is on fast for more than eight hours. The time span between the previous day’s dinner and the next day’s breakfast makes up for the body’s fasting period, and it is suitable to take the fasting blood glucose readings at that time. Normal fasting blood glucose level should be less than 110 mg/dl. If it is above 126 mg/dl, the person is said to be diabetic.

If the glucose level stays below 70dl/ml when measured after eating food it is the indication of hypoglycemic condition with low sugar. If it is in an elevated level above 170dl/ml in empty stomach in the morning it is a condition of hyperglycemia. These two conditions are to be seriously viewed. These are diagnosed as abnormal levels of blood glucose in the blood stream.

So, if you are tired of your old clunky journal and hauling around multiple components, simplify your life with a blood glucose testing system that works for your busy lifestyle.