Making combustible gas from water is proven technology and has been around since the 1950’s. When talking about combustion engines we’re not talking about a stand alone fuel source or renewable energy. We’re talking about a combustible soup, a mix of hydrogen and oxygen, that assists the combustion cycle. When used correctly with an efficient set of plans, this system does save on gas usage. Your vehicle will burn less gas increase horsepower and emit cleaner emissions.

Your fuel ratio is 14:1, when that balance gets upset your engine reads it as an error and dumps more fuel into the equation. This means your adding too much fuel to your combustion cycle and your wasting a lot of it. Did you know that without HHO you waste a lot of fuel? It doesn’t completely ignite and your catalytic converter has to burn it up. Talk about room for improvement. With HHO you use up that unused fuel, this is why your emissions are less harmful, no unused fuel. So, how do you keep your engine from dumping too much gas into the equation?

At low power outputs (no boost) scrap catalytic converter price guide equipped cars require a fuel mixture of Lambda 0.99 (AFR 14.64) for best emissions, and is the target fuel mixture when the OE ECU is operating in closed loop. Improvements in fuel economy can be made by leaning fuel mixtures off to Lambda 1.05 (AFR 15.4 to 1), but this is done at the expense of cat converter operation and will increase exhaust temperatures when cruising.

Waterless car wash formulas typically contain a scrap catalytic converter mix of special lubricants and cleaning agents that lift and surround dirt particles. This allows you to wipe the surface of your vehicle clean without scratching it.

It is also very important to note that even a small exhaust leak that causes exhaust gases to get inside the vehicle can affect a driver’s judgment and perception. As little as 0.08 percent carbon monoxide (that’s only 800 parts per million) can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and bring on stupor in two hours. A one percent concentration level of carbon monoxide can kill a person in less than three minutes. Carbon monoxide isn’t only found in your basement, it is part of your vehicles exhaust. Frequent check of your exhaust system is a must to ensure you and your family’s safety.

With an ever-increasing demand, the internet has become the perfect vehicle where buyers and sellers of pre-used car parts meet and negotiate. Whether you buy online or at an actual store, the most important thing is that you find a legitimate dealer that offers quality and affordability. Here are some things to remember when buying used car parts.

All in that entire vehicle on four wheels can get you where you are going, but it needs maintenance too. Regular maintenance can help prevent major problems down the road. To help guarantee that your vehicle starts every morning and every evening and gets you safely to each destination, take a few moments to make sure it is in good condition from the engine to the tail pipe. It’s all in the details.