Most of us don’t wed more than once in our lifetime! So our wedding arrangements must be as memorable for the guests as they are for us. Besides the decorations and trappings the DJ is the most important experience for everyone, including you.

Announce the Throwing of the Bouquet and Garter – Time for some fun – gather all the girls around for the throwing of the bouquet and the guys for the throwing of the garter!

Along with having to choose the wedding and reception decor and flowers, finding the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses, renting the tuxedos, and choosing a wedding theme, there is also the Wedding DJ to worry about.

Guests may arrive early and may find themselves waiting for half an hour before the ceremony begins. Do not let them wait while hearing nothing but chatter. Music should start playing an hour before the processional. Song choices are important. You may be a fan of heavy metal rock, but your guests most likely will not be, so you have to choose songs that most people would like.

Another characteristic is that the DJ should be flexible. We know that change is the only permanent thing in this world and due to some inevitable circumstances; you might find yourself altering some of the previously planned schedule. With this, you can explain this properly to the DJ and thus work accordingly. A DJ that is not willing to accept the changes may have some issues in terms of their professionalism.

Don’t skimp on DJ. However, beware of hidden costs especially for overtime and lighting. Be firm on your budget and ask that the DJ handle limits graciously.

A DJ is a person who not only plays music in your wedding but also performs other important functions at your wedding such as introducing important people, making announcements and playing right song for various events. Thus, a DJ can be helpful in making your wedding a successful event. A DJ is a person who gives a welcome note for your guests when they arrive to attend your wedding and he may also be responsible for giving them a farewell message when they leave. Thus, on your behalf he welcomes your guests and thanks them for their appearance in your wedding. Your guests will happy and contented when they are welcomed on your behalf in a musical tone.

Although it will be full of fun to create your wedding favor gift tag. However, you may not choose to create the tag yourself if you are a very busy person. If you cannot afford the time to do so, it is better for you to hire a designer to help you. You may have hired a wedding planner and you may also let the wedding planner arrange it for you. However, the baseline is that you have to write your own messages on the tags!