Buying binoculars can present a dilemma. There are binoculars out there that cost as little as 20 dollars. It sounds like a really good deal, right? But if the old adage that you get what you pay for it correct, it may not be worth it to buy such a cheap pair if they’re just going to break a month later. Then there are binoculars that cost more than a thousand dollars. Who has that kind of money to spend on an infrequently used gadget? Not most of us, that’s for sure. The problem is that some binoculars only have one magnification, and if you need more than one, you may have to either buy more than one pair of binoculars, or spend more money than you want to. The answer is zoom binoculars.

Zoom binoculars are like buying two pairs of binoculars for the price of one. If you’re not sure what zoom binoculars are, they’re exactly what their name says. They are binoculars that can zoom in on objects, the same way some cameras can zoom in. This allows you to see things even further away without needing a second pair of binoculars.

But before you rush right out and buy the first pair of binoculars you see, I would like to share with you an experience a friend had and some things that I learned from some articles that I hope can help you make this important purchase.

One of the best high end options is Leica binoculars. They make some of the best optics available, offering crystal clear views. They even have models with variable magnification and laser rangefinders. If you’re going to spend the money on a pair of high end binoculars, Leica should be your first choice.

Will you take binoculars with you outdoors to view nature while on a hike or to watch birds? What about hunting, boating, or using binoculars at stadium events like concerts? Maybe you’d like to take a small pair of binoculars with you when you travel. There are many different uses for binoculars, so it makes sense to get the type of binoculars that are best suited for your use. Often times, people will carry an inexpensive pair of best monocular in the glove-box of their vehicle or backpack just in case they see something of interest while they’re out and about.

A point to remember is once you start to increase the magnification, you will also start to increase the amount of shakiness or wobble of the image you are viewing.

There are many more factors that determine the performance and quality of your binoculars. I tried to cover the most important features to consider. Remember to ask yourself the questions I’ve discussed above when choosing the pair that’s right for you. Good luck in your decision, and don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about the binoculars that we offer.