Hello folks, this is”Seth Rubberfold”, once more. This will be our last post, and will cover how to blog a money making blog! Blogs are the latest thing to hit the web, and with the upcoming web 2.0 revolution, there’s a LOT of cash waiting to be made. Let’s discuss a couple of definitions, and refresh our memory. A blog is just a journal of some sort that informs it’s readers about any subject, in a topical format, and appears often like a newspaper. If you still are clueless, go read a website for blogs-sake!

Selling when your bored is an entirely different matter. If you have been working on a specific project for a long time, you are going to become bored. This causes a lack of enthusiasm and commitment, which in turn will have a negative effect on your company. By selling your business/project you’re allowing yourself to devote more time on new and exciting jobs. An example could be running an old website you no long have any interest in. By selling this website you have more time and money to start other, more exciting projects.

One of the best places I’ve found to share my blog and articles on is Facebook and their blog roll called Networked blogs. Many of my followers are from Facebook and when I place my reviews and giveaways they’re prompted to visit my blog and enter giveaway. This all ties in to adding visitors to my site and the aforementioned Google ranking. I also have a special area on my make a mix for followers to follow my site via Networked blog to make it easier for them. The easier you make it, the happier your visitors are and more likely to follow you permanently.

Which sites are suggested? Begin by asking your friends about the sites they use, and check out the reviews of different sites in online blogs and review websites.

Blogging can be a very effective way to generate money online if you know how to do it right. Before, you had to have very many sites and always update them and post new blogs. Today, you can become a lot more serious about blogging because you can use those blogging websites to generate personal income. Oftentimes, that income can become residual income, and you may start receiving recurring sales every month, completely on autopilot. This is especially true for membership sites. In fact, there is a excellent potential these days to earn a whole lot of money through doing this.

Determine Your Budget – Take into consideration other possible expenses you may have such as: a piano or keyboard, books, piano light, etc.. Assuming that the method you select has a reasonable cost, you should base your choice more on what you’ll be able to escape it than on the price.

OMake your blog searchable through your interests. Many blog programs permit you to create a user profile, which allows visitors to search for you and your site by interest topic and locations, oftentimes. Do not overlook this simple way to draw readers. Simply complete your profile, taking care to use many”interests” to attract more readers and browsers.