This is a question that is commonly asked among women who are approaching their 40’s or already in their 40’s. The fact of the matter is that there are many women who have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies in their 40’s. So asking if you are too old for a tubal reversal will depend on a few things.

First, a defense (of sorts) of this show. As Urbans, nearly everyone I know has waited well into their 30s and 40s to marry and spawn. I consider this to be not just normal, but responsible. Jon said in last night’s ep that he’s now 32, meaning he was 22 when he married, meaning he was 23/24 when he had the twins and 26/27 when he had sextuplets. For us Urbans, that is just batsh!t crazy. It simply does not happen in our world.

There have been some efforts to challenge the right of health authorities to apply criteria –but without success. It has also been argued that their failure to fund IVF Centre in Hyderabad treatment is a civil liberties issue in that they are denying people their right to found a family – but this argument has not so far been put to the test in court.

Fate works very mysteriously. Six days after the next consultation appointment to start treatment, I found out that I was pregnant – naturally. My second child was born healthy and extremely happy just nine IVF Centre months later.

Being close or into their 40’s also puts the age factor at hand. Women worry that they do not have much time left in the fertility department and so the push is on. But is tubal reversal surgery going to work? Am I too old to have a child the natural way now?? These are all questions that are commonly asked.

If there is anything good about having infertility problems it’s that the condition isn’t life threatening. You have the luxury of being able to try several means of treatment.

Looking at all the proposed ballots gathered here it’s hard to pick a winner for the “weirdest” category. They are all interesting in their own way and I’d like to think the St. Hooky’s Day group is really out to create a really great joke. The embryo transfer concept seems pretty legitimate so I might have to pick it as the weirdest of them all.

There are lots more methods to consider when determining baby gender. The above are amongst the most expensive available to you. If you would like some more information on some of the less invasive methods available I invite you to visit the links below. Also have some fun with the free baby gender quiz.