Credit cards that reward their cardholders through air miles redeemable towards airline tickets are really popular today, especially among frequent travelers. Rewards can really add up quickly if use of the air miles credit card is maximized. Here are 8 quick tips to earning more credit card air miles that everyone can use…

Use the Card for Everything – To maximize the air miles earned, it’s important to use the credit card and get rewards for every practical purchase possible. This might be groceries, gasoline, cable bills, phone bills, utilities, and even rent. Obviously, this strategy is only effective if the balances are then paid in full every month.

Car Hire in Mumbai is easily available. There are different attractive rental mobil di palembang packages to choose from. Of course everything depends on what you can spend. There are expensive car rentals as well as the inexpensive ones. So it is up to you to decide what you can afford. If you are in a different city it is not wise to spend beyond your means as it can land you in trouble financially. Choose a package that is within your means and spend accordingly.

4) If you will be traveling by car then gas up your car early. This will avoid long lines at the gas station when last minute travelers fill up for fear that the gas stations will be closed early on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Don’t Let the Balance of Miles Expire – This one should be fairly obvious, but it’s often forgotten about. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the air miles accumulated before getting a chance to cash them in for air travel. Be aware of expiration dates and balances by checking the statement frequently and actually using the rewards instead of letting them go to waste.

A. Present the rental voucher, a valid drivers license and a credit card for a security deposit. Any additional charges will be explained as well as the conditions of the rental. A signature will be required to accept or decline additional charges and to acknowledge that the rental conditions are understood.

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