No matter what standard of badminton you’re playing, there comes a time in a game when you need to try something different in order to outwit or outmaneuver your opponent.

Before stepping into the badminton court, you must know the correct way of holding a racket. If you are not gripping your racket correctly, you are not able to insert maximum power into your badminton strokes. Besides that, you will not be able to perform quality shots.

I expect you’ll find that you’re hitting the shuttle harder as your racket can accelerate quicker towards the shuttle without the tension to apply the brakes.

This game was officially launched in 1873 at the Badminton House, Gloucestershire. During that time, the game was referred to as “The Game of Badminton,” and the game’s official name became Badminton. 1992 is the year that Badminton became an Olympic Sport.

Your opponent will try to keep the shuttle away from you, so be prepared to move around the court quickly and accurate with good footwork. You’ll need moves like skipping, shuffling, gliding, lunging and even bouncing. It’s up to you how to use them during your game. Always keep your knees slightly bent and ready to move at all times. Generally stay in the mid-court area so you can reach all corners of the court quickly.

A skimmer collects insects, branches, dead leaves and other unwanted materials from the surface of the water. A skimmer collects floating things from the surface of the water. At first glance, it looks like a badminton racket. A strong and solid skimmer can easily cut down on your cost of maintenance. As it is a daily task of the owner to collect and keep away the debris or either use harmful chlorine to keep the water clean. With the help of a skimmer, keeping the pool clean becomes easier.

For fun and recreation, all you need is a pair of racket and some shuttlecocks. You define your own boundaries. It can be played on the beach, in the park or in any open spaces. Especially, small children love to play it, because they do not even need to count scores. Just pick up a racket and hit the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is designed so that it does not travel too fast in the air and is easily visible for any child or beginner to hit it with a racket. It is great fun for the whole family, from grand children to grandma and grandpa.

By far the most vital part in all of this is you. A badminton racket cannot make up for bad technique and skills. Spend your money on coaching before you spend money on rackets. Get to know your own game and style of play, then you can pick out the most suitable racket, the one that will enhance your skills. There are hundreds of manufacturers out there, all willing to help you part with your cash. Just make sure you don’t run before you can walk.