Purvankara Projects Ltd. one of the South India’s leading real estate company, after their successful residential projects Purva Skywood & Purva Midtown, has launched a residential project ‘Purva Seasons’.

Courtland Flats are also known as Courtstreet Building. This is located at 117 to 121 W Court Street. This building was built back in 1902 in the Second Revivial Renaissance architectural style.

I had planned it all out; we would get a two bedroom cabin with a kitchen and stay for three nights and four days. We needed separate rooms because my mother needs the room to be warm to stay healthy and I need the room to be a little cool so I can breathe easier. We needed a kitchen so I could cook my own meals, due to several health issues I am unable to eat out like normal folks without getting ill.

You are now at about $675,000 each. The price could probably be divided by square footage, or by some reasonable three way split that reflected the different units, but I split it equally just to make the point here. You have now created your own co-ownership or shared equity arrangement. Make sure you have a contract/ agreement in writing in place. A co-ownership agreement can be very detailed and typically includes each co-ownerships’ interest in the property, as in percentage 25/25/50; and what each co-owner will pay for the Property Transfer Tax, property taxes, property insurance, water and sewer fees, repairs, improvements, maintenance and legal fees.

In 4 jual kemang village the housing project has (i) 4BHK + 4 Toilet in an area of 2025 sq.ft. at Rs. 86.06 Lacs and (ii) 4BHK + 4 Toilet in an area of 2385 sq.ft. at Rs. 1.01 Crore.

The Regal – These apartments in Chicago come from the Reinhold Residential who have great apartment complexes in Philadelphia as well. The amenities include individually controlled air conditioning, elegant baths with marble vanities and full length mirrors, gourmet kitchens with frost free refrigerator, 3 cycle dish washer, specialty cabinets etc. The place is near to nearly everything that you need. You have State Street shopping, dining at Italian Village and Taste of Siam, a vibrant art and culture scene at Goodman Theater etc. The price ranges between $650 and $2,200 (and above).

I walked back to the office to get this straighten out. The woman in the office couldn’t understand why I had a problem with the room; it was clean wasn’t it? She admitted that when I called several months ago she was out of non-smoking rooms so she just put us in a smoking room. I asked her why she didn’t tell me that then; I would have made arrangements somewhere else. No answer.

The launch price of the project is Rs.3865/sq. ft. The booking amount is Rs.5Lakhs for 3 bedroom apartment and Rs. 6Lakhs for 4 bedroom apartments. The project has been launched formally on 6th September.