One of the first things to do when preparing to sell your home is to find the right real estate agent. You’re looking at a number of factors here. How much commission they take is always a big one. Also, what is their track record on selling comparable properties in your area? Do they really know your neighborhood? Are they available for you? Can you work with them? These are all questions you need to ask.

Simply put, a Notice of Default is the same thing as any past due bill. Each state has state-specific laws in place as to when a lender can file and what they can do, but typically, those who receive a Notice of Default are at least two months behind on payments.

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Once you receive a Notice of Default, this doesn’t mean instantaneous foreclosure. Losing your home is not a forgone conclusion, so don’t panic. Every state has a waiting period; in most states, lenders must wait ninety days before taking the next step.

I know there are still a lot of people who do save money through putting it in a can then burying it somewhere so that no one, including himself can get it when he wants and not needs. But is it really an investment? The answer is no. Your money is just stocked in a place, it isn’t used and therefore, it does not gain any profit.

Check and see if you are getting the best cell phone plan for your needs. If you’ve been on the same plan for the past few years, you probably could be saving some money. Most companies will do a free review of your plan and let you know if something else would work better for you, based on your usage patterns.

Spread the word. Sometimes the best place to look for a potential buyer is among relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. These people are the ones who know your property because they are familiar with it. Chances are, there are some of them who might be interested.