It is going to be Thanksgiving time again. Our kids will be taking a school break soon and we are going to want to keep them busy. I have some great sites that I have found that have free Thanksgiving coloring pages. These sites are wonderful for a range of all kinds of people. They will help homeschoolers, teachers, day care workers, and even stay at home moms.

Disney This is an obvious place to find printable Disney coloring pages. The selection on the Disney site is excellent, and it is all organized by character so it is really easy to find what you are looking for. I think the best part about this site is the selection. I can find every Disney movie that I can think of on here. Your obviously going to be able to find any Disney coloring page that your kids are looking for.

Green Jelly is an inactive page; I have tried to hover my mouse over every thing there and it seems like it’s a dead page. Maybe you need to have a certain species pet to have it do something. “Bouncy Supreme” and “Jelly Blobs of Doom” are two fun games that you can play three times a day for Neopoints; I’m not good at either of them but they can help you get the Top Gamer avatar. “Scourge of The Lab Jellies” is fun but addictive; you will have to figure out how to find this outside of the Jelly World portal.

Anyone who is crafty can use the coloring pages after the kids have finished to create a quilt, bedspread, curtains or art work for their bedrooms. There are several ways one could create any of these things from the Batman coloring pages. You may even come up with a few craft ideas yourself.

You can plan a crafting activity at your child’s party. Let each party guest make a craft and they can bring it home as a party favor. You can also print out some free coloring sheets to print and let the kids color them. Little kids enjoy coloring so you can print out some extras and send each child home with a couple.

Free Printable Christmas Angel Coloring Page #5: Christmas Angel with Gift (click here): This is a coloring page from This coloring page features a sweet little girl angel wearing a funky floral dress. This angel is holding a christmas gift in her hands.

Even though coloring books typically aren’t expensive, you will find they have plenty of pages that the kids simply skip over. With creating your own though, you can be certain every single page is going to be a hit. With single pages too each child can work on one of them independently instead of sharing the same coloring book.