Using blogs as a poker promotion technique can be very profitable. In case you’re a poker affiliate and aren’t familiar with the world of blogging, here is a quick overview of why you should consider blogs as strategy for building your business.

You’ll find all sorts of arguments from so-called “experts” who can explain in great detail why WordPress is better than Blogger, or why TypePad is superior to Joomla. You can even find plausible arguments for saying why you should ignore all kinds of blogging services and have bespoke software developed specifically for your needs.

You can activity offer to exchange links with other blogs that are involved in the same topic as you. This blogging tip has been used by some of the top bloggers because they know that search engines will increase your rank based on the number and the quality of links pointing back to your blog.

If you’d like to create new targeted search engine pages for your site without needing to hand-code a new page, or fire up your HTML editor every time, you may enjoy Tips for a happy relationship. You log in to your blog admin panel, type your thoughts, proofread, press publish.

I absolutely hate seeing people get ripped off blogging for fun by buying some internet marketing gurus latest and greatest how to eBook telling them how easy it is to make money at something that quite frankly THEY have probably never done.

Blogs are very similar to websites in the fact that many of them can look exactly like a website. However, blogs are a little different in that you don’t have all of the neat features that a website might such as a site map and other nifty things. You can, however, model a webpage to function more or less like a blog. Blog interfaces are typically meant to be more fun for the reader. Not that they aren’t meant to be taken seriously, but there is a general understanding that their purpose is more relaxed.

Along with all these other benefits, WordPress is regularly updated and new versions are constantly released. As a result of this, new features and functionality continue getting added from time to time. So it is obvious why the WordPress blogging platform is the better choice over other blogging platforms.