You will enjoy this article if you are a beginner looking for ways to make money online. We are going to look at four steps you must follow to make money on the Internet. Also, as a warning, if you do not follow these four things you will not make any money.

Do some research before you start – Hundreds of company’s have affiliate programs attached to them. Find the one’s you personally like and think will do well. Almost all of these affiliate programs are free and you can promote as many as you want.

Almost everyone is on a social media site so don’t discount your eighty-nine year old long lost relative. She might be an avid gardener and is blogging or twittering horticultural advice. Check out sites like LinkedIn, Face Book, MySpace, Twitter, discussion boards and join me. Start with the sites that are a match to the person’s interests and/or demographics.

Royalty Free Agencies are easier to get a contract with, but can also be a challenge. I have a number of friends who have been given contracts with Getty for RF images but not for RM images. I find that strange and really hard to justify, but it is what it is. The return per image in Royalty Free online blogs has also been plummeting. With what is certainly perceived as an over supply of images, the agencies are also looking for quality and “freshness” in the work of potential new photographers.

Another place to get easy back links is through local directories. Sure they probably won’t bring you many visitors. The flip side however is that they provide a local vote that sites well with search engines.

Comment on alternative websites in your niche. Make sure the comments are well crafted and truly contribute something to the conversation. Your opinion should say more than “good job”. You want the comment to indicate that you have truly read the whole post and that it contains a real opinion. Not only will this get the attention of the weblog operator and other commenters, it could encourage them to also visit your site.

As you probably already know, creating a blog can be overwhelming at first, because the possibilities and potential for blogs are endless. The tips and techniques from the above article were gathered to help you create a blog that will get your message across to the audience that you are seeking to reach.