1) Life is so much easier when you stop trying to be cool and impress others and simply do more of who you really are – in my case a Kevin Keegan perm in the 70’s and wearing Farah slacks which were so tight that self-castration was a distinct possibility every time I tried to sit down. What? You mean I’m not alone? You’ve had such wardrobe malfunctions too?

First off, before starting out, designate a specific time or schedule for working out. For example, if you start working at nine in the morning, you can work straight for five hours. By the time the clock strikes two in the afternoon, you get up and do your daily exercise or workout routine.

Same goes for you. If you feel the signs of stress, do some physical My workout plan. Not only is the fight or flight stress relieved but you get the added bonus of endorphins.

Lifting heavy weights for countless of sets every day will not do you any good. They would only stop its growth. Don’t push your muscles to the limit; stimulate them. Don’t do any more reps than what you’re advised. This is why most personal trainers will tell you to take a day off in between workout sessions.

For many years, I’ve been searching the Internet, on and off, for a way to lose weight easily and quickly. That’s right – easily and quickly are the 2 things I was looking for.

The next tip is to start drinking a lot more water. Experts recommend that you get at least 8 glasses of water per day. The benefits of drinking water are too many to count here but I’ll name a few. The first is that water doesn’t contain any calories. Compare that to a can of soda that can contain 100 or more calories. Water is also beneficial because it does an even better job than coffee when you’re feeling drowsy.

Get a buddy. No one likes to walk alone. We do it out of necessity. Find a friend of like mind who wants to get in shape too and schedule some walks with them.