‘Gossip Girl’ is returning with new episodes for Season 5 in September 2011. Oklahoma City fans are ready for the show to return. Here are some great spoilers to keep you happy until the show returns.

Pillow – You could make some decorative pillows with the fabric from the dress. Perfect to give as gifts for new arrivals of friends and family you wedding pin could even embroider the children’s names and birthdays on them.

He is considering moving to a bigger place with you. When a man is ready to pop the question he’s thinking ahead. He wants to provide for his bride-to-be and that includes finding a suitable and comfortable place for them to begin their life together. If your guy is talking about moving that may be a clue into his desire to settle down. If he’s talking about purchasing, that’s even more suggestive of a man ready to make a serious and lifelong commitment to his woman.

Another VERY IMPORTANT tip! Make it required that all bridesmaids have at least one tatoo, preferably on her back. If one of the bridesmaids doesn’t have her own tatoo(check her calf too), they do sell fake ones that will wash off.

Once the wedding details have been finalized and it’s time to have the bridal shower, shock her with your fantastic get inspired to plan shower gift. Give her a female emergency kit that comes with hairbrush with mirror, hand lotion, tampon, nail clipper, lip balm, facial tissues, dental floss, adhesive bandages, and breath freshener. This emergency kit will really be of use in times of emergency. A Bloomingdale’s or Debenham’s gift certificate is also a nice idea so she can go on a shopping spree just before she ties the knot.

Women wear shalwar kameezes, sarees, ghagras, kurta pajamas and lehengas at traditional Indian weddings. Indian weddings are all about the Indian rituals and the attire that brides and grooms wear. Indian brides usually wear a lehenga choli or a saree. By tradition, the color of a bride’s dress should be red but modern fashion designers have transformed plain looking bridal wear into modern and contemporary dresses.

The best Father’s Day gift is one that comes from the heart. Give your father a gift that takes into account his interests and taste, one that you picked out especially for him.