Have you recently decided you want to pursue a freelance career in a field you love? Building a freelance career can provide you with more freedom, extra cash and the ability to enjoy what your passion. Once you’ve decided to start a freelance career, the next is to start getting more business. Not sure how to do this or how to make your career successful? There are a few steps you can follow that will help you build your business.

Put your content and links on the site. Sometimes, you will be able to submit an article (hubpages, squidoo, etc), other times you will only be able to change your status and post a link in status (twitter, hi5, etc) and other times bookmark it (digg, mister wong etc). Example: We are going to choose hubpages. we will build an article (a good quality article) that has links to our new blog posts. We will build for a week or two, each and every they a new hub pointing to our new posts.

Do not publish and finish: once a blog is done, it is not set in stone. You can go back, update, comment on comments, switch things around, and you should! Re-write entries and make sure everything is perfect before you go public. It is also recommended that you have at least a month worth of social profile before going “live” as this will give you credibility and a good readership.

A good social profile is compelling, informative and easy to read. No need for ultra-lengthy, ultra-boring profiles! Instead, make sure to provide crystal clear information on: who you are, what you offer and what makes your brand so special.

As you increase the backlinks to the blog post Google will push that post further up the search rankings. Once it’s there it can stay there for many months and generate traffic without being touched. This will not happen with a replicated company website and that’s why you need a blog that is optimized for Google.

Make sure your personal blog computer is up to date with word processing and possibly photo editing software. Make sure that your Internet connection is a high enough speed to allow you to work online without the frustrations of lag.

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Incase if you are wondering what I use. I use a simple hosting by Hostgator that is only US$9.95 per month and registered a domain for $7.95 to host my blog and of course using my Atomic Blogging System to blog.