The words marriage and romance sometimes mix like oil and vinegar for a lot of married couples. Just think about it for a second. When was the last time you and your spouse spent some quality time together outside of the bedroom? A lot of people will not be able to remember the last time! One of the biggest reasons that marriages start to fail, can be directly attributed to a lack of romance in the marriage. In order for any marriage to thrive and remain healthy, it is important that married couples work at keeping the romance spark alive in their relationship.

Jeremy Grey and John Beckwith are lifelong pals and business partners as divorce mediators. These two share intensely a unique hobby. They crash weddings from all walks of life and religions. Having free fun and meeting girls is what its all about. Researching for the next wedding to crash, John and Jeremy end up at a lavished affair where they meet two rich daughters, Claire and Gloria Cleary and of course fall in love with them. This then leads them to a grand island estate in which these girls reside. That is where the trouble starts and John and Jeremy’s ‘wedding guest’ lies are not working. More comedy than เซ็กทอย in this hilarious movie. I would say that this movie is teetering more towards a guy flick.

Lord Byron and all those old romantic poets had it right. Bryon wrote: She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes.” Maybe people don’t speak that way anymore, but let’s face it, it still works. Telling your wife she walks in beauty like the night can’t hurt either.

Be honest about yourself. The perils of online romance include partners lying to each other about their appearances, professional and educational background and especially their marital status. Some do this for devious reasons, while others who are so blinded by the desires of the heart to hook a partner right away do it for desperate reasons. They may be ashamed of their looks or socio-economic status, too; hence they fib about such details. Never ever lie! Don’t doctor your photos, don’t glamorize your background or education, don’t lie, period. Otherwise, you will pay for it later on when the other party decides to take the relationship to another level by actually flying over to see you!

Nothing good comes easy, so it is necessary for married couples to address their mind to the fact that they have to put in some effort to ensure that the romance and passion fire in their relationship is keep burning. So have it at the back of your mind that if you are unwilling to put in the effort needed to rekindle romance and passion it will never happen.

In order to keep the romance meter soaring you need to little things like leaving love notes where they are seen easily, do the dishes to give some relaxation time to your spouse. If your spouse is busy with the kitchen work or with children you can help them by making the bed and so on you can find little things to please your spouse and keep that love alive.

Well, those are the four criteria that I think makes a great romance movie. There might be others but these are the four main criteria and when all four criteria appear in a romance movie, it is almost certain that the movie becomes a commercial and critical hit.