So, you have decided to sell your home by yourself! You can save many thousands of dollars if you are successful. I have written this guide to assist you. I have seen many FSBOs have unrealistic expectations, and make mistakes along the way that ultimately prevent them from being successful. Did you know that 80% of FSBOs ultimately list their home with a Realtor? I hope these ideas will help put you in the other 20%.

Keep in mind that deciding what your banner will look like and printing it are two different stages. Some sign companies can provide great graphic design assistance, in other cases you may want to hire an independent graphic designer. Whoever helps you with the look of your banner, be sure to look at examples of their work and always ask for quotes before getting started.

The list of the top 10 neon signs in this country has many neon signs that are nationally known. Many of them are long gone. They all once brightened a city street. Number one is Boston which had its Schrafftt’s n sign which was a symbol of the company’s candy and chocolate business. Second place on the list went to the “Vegas Vic” sign which was standing tall on the city’s Fremont Strees from 1951 to about 1995 when it was retired.

You can stand up to and confront the individual about how he or she has been treating you. Tread lightly because if you go too far you can end up sounding like the bully. Ultimately, only you can judge who you are dealing with and their character. If you feel that the situation can get even worse, which is possible, you should ask Human Resources to get involved and address your bully in their presence. Keep in mind however that without physical evidence the bully could just downplay the situation and say that you take things too seriously signs company and they were just kidding”.

Have you evolved with the times? It’s fairly easy to tell whether you have or not. In fact, one simple word says it all. The Internet. The World-Wide-Web is where you should be browsing. In my opinion, this is the only way to scout out work now days. That whole business of searching through newspapers and looking high and low for “Help Wanted” signs is a part of the past. In this modern-day world of technology and convenience, you should be turning to your PC or Mac for business opportunity leads.

If you are on a busy street and sell a product or service that is of interest to a large portion of that traffic, you should invest in Variable Message LED nationalneonsigns. They will allow you to divert that traffic from the street, to your door and from there to your cash register.

“We’ll drink this and then we’d better be on our way. It takes about an hour and a half to get there, and its best to drive while it’s still morning. We should get there by mid-day if we make a start now.” Acknowledging his words, she got up and went to fetch her shoes and handbag.

As Napoleon Hill famously wrote “Thoughts are things” and all things started with a thought (from the light bulb to the Internet). I quoted and paraphrased him, but find his book “Think and Grow Rich” if nothing else it may start you down a new avenue in your life. Watch for my article forthcoming article: 3 ways to make money with what you already own.