The first thought that crosses our minds when we look at a jewelry item bearing a skull is ‘danger’. The skull sign or the skull and bon sign has been associated with risk, hazard and danger since ancient times. The earliest existence of this sign is linked to the ‘Jolly Roger’ flags. These were flags which were used to identify pirate ships. One of these Jolly Roger flags had the skull and bone image on it which symbolized ‘surrender or die’. In other words, those who would not surrender to the pirates of the ship would pay by losing their lives and ever since that time, this skull sign has been used as a warning sign. The pirates were criminals who would not spare anyone.

If you look at it, most of the silver rings are designed with masculine traits like power, victory and attitude. However, if you want something very masculine, you can go for the chunky, heavy duty rings such as biker rings or skull rings. These rings are becoming very popular. They were first bought only by bikers or people who were a part of the Gothic culture, but now, they are becoming quite popular amongst young teenage boys and young men.

There are many craftsmen across the globe who spend a lot of time on each and every ring they make to give it a perfect shape. We can say that, it is their hard work and dedication which has made skull rings and other skull jewelry famous all over.

Different materials can be used too though to produce a skull ring according to the preference of the bearer himself. In order to search for the latest designs and variety, you can search online to see the designs from all over the world. Skull skull accessories are more likely worn by teens and those in younger stages of life. They get easily inspired and are more aware of the fashion. Skull rings have been part of cultures and will be because of the ease of expression they provide.

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If you want to make it more stylish, you can also choose a gold-plated skull ring. This will give you an even more fascinating look and the appearance of a suave biker. Gold-plated skull rings will look fantastic with your leather jacket outfit and of course, it will add a special element to your tough look. However, these skull rings might be expensive. Although they might be more expensive, price should not matter, especially if you want to make a fashion statement.