Have you ever considered hiking? Will it be a day or a weekend, or longer? Whether the length of time you plan for your hiking trip, you will need to choose a hiking trail, and you have a number of different options. Where every you are located, in the United States, you will quite possibly have a number of hiking trails within easy reach of your home.

Be sure to bring enough water and/or sport drinks especially during hot days. Consider brining water and add powdered electrolytes to ever other bottle of water you go through. Your great hike can quickly turn unpleasant if you run out of water on a hot day.

MP 8.8 Greenstone Trail is a short (.2 mile) self-guiding trail that loops through the shady hardwood forest and examines the amazing rock formations along the parkway. This trail is a moderate hike.

There are hundreds of miles of hiking gear along the parkway, many accessing larger trail networks including the Appalachian Trail, NC’s Mountain to Sea Trail, and the Shining Rock Wilderness Trail. This three part guide covers the hiking trails along the Virginia section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A guide to the NC hiking trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway can be found here.

Understand that hiking does not typically need reservations but to cover your bases, make them in case you decide to stay overnight especially at a hiking park or public campground. The earlier you make your appointment, the better because it gives you some choices as to where you can stay. The campground will typically let early birds choose their own spots.

Hunter Mountain Trail is the most famous hiking in Catskills. The second highest mountain in Catskills the Hunter offers you a 3.6-mile hike. The starting point is from Lexington it takes you along the Spruceton trail. After this is an ascent of 2,000 feet this is most demanding part of the trail.

The water is very clear therefore it does not get warm even by the end of the summer. I would assume it was around 15 degrees Celsius, but it was completely worth getting through the chill due to the amazing snorkeling in the blue wonderland.

Finding the right boot should be based on quality, the lasting lifetime ability and the person’s feet’s comfort level. Vasque Hiking boots is a brand that needs to be taken advantage of.