It’s important to note that you don’t just want to write posts for your regular readers because you want to attract many new readers as well. So to do this you want to write post titles that contain the keywords relating to the content that you have just written.

Stay in touch. Once you’ve obtained someone’s contact info, stay in touch with him on a regular basis, as the more someone sees and talks to you, the quicker the trust develops. Regular communication is key, and you can stay in touch on a regular basis through the publication of an email newsletter, a free teleclass series that is open to all of your contacts, or by updating your website regularly with new content, like articles for your target market.

It’s a free service that allows you to get a free blog within a matter of minutes. After you have completed all the sign up information, you should customize your my collections‘s look and theme. Make it catchy, and make sure that your blog posts are relevant to your niche, and lengthy.

Naturally, the first step is creating your own Facebook account and profile. Make your profile as personal as possible. Make it appear that your business (blog) is just one of the things that make you interesting. By showing your personal side, people will be interested in you and you’ll gain lots of friends. Remember, more friends means wider exposure.

What will you do when your main source of traffic stops producing? How will you generate sales? You will more than likely have to start all over again – and use free marketing this time instead of paid advertising. Because if paid advertising doesn’t work for you, something will have to give.

I suspect just about everyone here is familiar with article marketing as a means of getting free links, and that’s a tried and true method. You can also often score free links (sometimes even from big name bloggers) by simply writing about cool stuff. Don’t just buy packs of articles from people… go out and do research to find cool things (funky new products or innovative solutions to problems) to write about, and then send a “tip” to bloggers in your niche. They might want to cover that story too and chances are they’ll give you a credit link.

Giving your visitors confidence that they can trust what you do and say is one key to success in the online world. Eliminate the barriers in doing business with you and set visitors on the path of getting to know, like, and respect you. When you do, you’ll discover that their trust isn’t too far behind.