This article will allow you to choose from these 9 ways on how to get free visitors from Google and Facebook. Google is one of the top search engines around the globe whereas Facebook is one of the leading social network sites today. Put these two into good use and you’ll definitely get free traffic all you want. How?

Start to swapping keyword relevant links. The search engines put a lot of credibility into the number and quality of the backlinks you have coming to your site, if the backlinks come from sites that are in your niche they tend to think that your blog must be relevant to that niche too.

Once you add dofollow blog comments with backlinks pointing to your money website, ultimately it will boosts your website’s PR and improve your

4/ Exactly where does your link reside. You will note some Keyword Rank Checker Tool sites carry more authority then others. YouTube is extremely important and carries a lot of weight with Google . You will notice often when you do a search on Google the top results are generally YouTube videos.

Website traffic is the same. If you have something that a certain buyer wants, why are you spending time and money pitching it to the whole Internet? You want targeted copy that will attract YOUR buyer. That is how you will increase website sales.

There are many SEO automation tools that offer all kinds of link building and blog scrapping, but WordPress Comment Poster is the most effective, easy to use and money worth.

All of this boosts your blogs SEO, and that’s going to mean you start to get a nice flow of blog traffic, in other words, more people to help you to make money blogging to.

With fan pages, you can reach your targeted customers easily. You also have the chance to upload photos and videos you think will be interesting to your visitors. If a Facebook user becomes your “fan”, the friends of that user will also be notified so they will also get to see your fan page and possibly be a Fan too.