Few horses have their own fan club, but Desert Orchid, known affectionately as “Dessie”, was lucky enough to have one with thousands of members. At the height of the grey gelding’s popularity, a Christmas card arrived in his trainer’s yard from Australia addressed simply as “Desert Orchid, Somewhere in England”.

Based on the concept art that team has posted on their blog, Runner 2 might not have giant mechs, but it will have a totally different look than the previous 6 Bit.Trip games. For one thing, the game will have HD graphics and feature a more animated look that takes inspiration from cartoons in the 30s and 40s. And then there’s the fact that the game will come to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network; a big deal for a series that started life on the WiiWare service.

VIP entrance at bars and clubs – If you are going for the traditional night on the town, why not do it in style with VIP access to the bars and clubs you’re heading to. It could mean hiring a private area within a bar or having access to the VIP section of a club. Plus, it should mean you don’t have to queue.

Smart Guest bloggers don’t settle for just responding to their readers’ comments; they take things further and visit their job alongside other social hangouts. How about following them on Twitter and sending them a private “thank you for taking the time comment on my post” message? This could be the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

4) Watch weight loss shows. There are many shows dedicated to this subject on TV. Watching participants lose weight over the weeks will help keep you motivated.

Paintballing Shooting your friends with paint is about as satisfying as it gets so it’s little wonder why it’s become a popular choice personal intrest for stag parties looking for a fun daytime event before their night on the town.

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