The first rule of creating an online dating profile is to stand out, otherwise you will get lost in the thousands of other profiles on a dating website. That’s not to say you have to make something up, and you don’t have to be a thrill seeker to have something to write about. Standing out doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have an unusual story to mention; you could upload a photo that will be eye catching, but within the websites rules. People often think if they create a profile with minimal details they will receive hundreds of messages, but in reality this isn’t the case. If you can’t be bothered to put together a decent profile, then others won’t bother to read it and no one will feel the urge to contact you.

Creating an online dating get fit shouldn’t be too complicated. Don’t make it too long, which means only using a few paragraphs. It should also be easy to read, while providing enough information to demonstrate your personality.

Every profile starts to look and sound the same. They all blur into each other. I read. I click to the next. I read. I click to the next. If there is nothing in the very first line that grabs me, I click DELETE and go to the next.

If you address each of the twelve items listed above your profile should be very detailed and allow anyone viewing your profile to have a very good understanding of what you are looking for and what you are not looking for.

The number one, numero uno, first and absolute most important bit of online profile flirting advice we can give you is this: You absolutely MUST appear interesting rather than interested. Of course, by virtue of you even being online chatting to them, it is obvious your interested, so it is even more important to give the girls the impression that you are fun and mysterious and are simply out there to have fun. It’s almost as if the girl has to try and impress YOU. This is not to say that in order to create an air of mystery you should project a boring personality. Instead, give girls the Trailer rather than the whole Movie…

What you should do is create your profile on a piece of paper. Then come back to it later and edit it. After that, run your profile through a spell checker.

If your screen name is “Young and Hung” or “Licking My Eyebrows” we know you are looking for booty calls and not a serious contender for anything beyond a one night stand and you probably expect us to drive to you and pick up a pizza on the way over. We also know you probably have a different girl every night, a few diseases brewing and an axe in the hall closet. DELETE.

Online dating gives you a tremendous advantage over traditional dating. Since you don’t have to walk up to women anymore and talk to them, your chances of having online dating success with skyrocket. But it won’t happen unless you put together a good profile of yourself.