Would your friends and family describe you as a workaholic? Are you always busy, under pressure and find it difficult to switch off from work? Do you take work home? Or have you ever woken up at night thinking about work?

Once you understand this secret everything else will quickly fall into place. The initial message you send has one purpose only – to get opened so that she reads your get inspired. That’s it. You will only lose if you try to accomplish anything more because it will only appear to needy.

When you receive a survey to take, you will be able to get points toward claiming prizes at the end. The more points that you get, the more that you can claim. Each survey is generally going to pay anywhere from 1 to 25 points. Generally, the longer the survey is, the more you’re going to get paid. After you complete a survey, you’re going to get points deposited into your account.

Monetize your blog with affiliate products such as Google Adsense and Clickbank. Whenever someone clicks on an ad or purchase the product you make money.

Provide blog articles and become a blog writer for online blogs. There are millions of blogs right now that are sitting dormant because the owners cannot keep up with them.

One important factor, however, is your personal history. Even if you are diagnosed at midlife, ADD has been your constant companion since birth. You have managed to deal with your ADD through strategies that are unique (and often unknown) to you — which is the reason it has been hidden from view.

There are few LinkedIn members obtaining 100 contacts or more from people they already know. In fact, 98 of my first 100 connections were with great business contacts I never even knew of before I joined a group.