Many people were very upset when Surrogate Motherhood went beyond having family carry the child for the infertile couple. We were told how ridiculous we were being, we were made fun of and bullied, par for the course if you disagree with a liberal concept. Well, the slippery slope has taken a new turn in California.

Juno is a teen who gets pregnant. She certainly didn’t plan to get pregnant. The father is her best friend who she is not romantically involved with. Over the course of the movie, she deals with many of the issues that every pregnant teen faces. She needs to tell the father. She has to choose between biaya aborsi di bandung, keeping the baby, and giving the baby up for adoption. She has to figure out how to tell her parents and is unsure how they will react. She has to deal with her peers knowing that she is pregnant and her own feelings about the pregnancy. Of course, on top of all of that she has to deal with the physical symptoms of being pregnant.

Several other factors helped to save the day for Obama. The first was that although more than Abortion clinic three quarters of voters thought that the economy was poor only percent blamed Obama. Fifty-three percent still blame George W. Bush.

Romney also won the middle class and upper income voters handily. Romney won the middle class by a margin of 52-46 percent. Voters who earn more than $100,000 voted for Romney by 54-44 percent. In 2008, John McCain tied Barack Obama in these two groups at 49 percent each. In both years, Obama won lower income voters (less than $50,000) by 60 percent.

In any event, anecdotal stories prove nothing. Imputing motivation on behalf of the women cited is even less helpful or valid. There have been a plethora of studies regarding the seriousness that most women make that decision.

It may well be, that you will never be sorry but it will also be true, that you never got the chance to reach your full potential. I don’t care what people tell you.

Because of my experience with my teenage pregnancy, my mother and I haven’t spoken for 10 years, if you treat your daughter the same she won’t want to know you. I will never be the same as my mother ever.