Competition is really very tough in today’s market. A lot of companies are vying for a customer’s attention that small business owners are usually at a disadvantage from larger companies. Bigger businesses usually have larger marketing budgets that let them reach out to a wider customer base. One way to level out the playing field is for small business owners to take advantage of social media marketing.

Participate in groups – Join a few groups that are related to your market or niche. Become active in these groups by posting a new topic or replying to a questioned asked.

Invite the hiring manager to connect with you on Read my blog. Even if you don’t end up being offered the position, you still want to remain in contact with the hiring manager because of the networking opportunities. So, this is a good tactic to keep in your back pocket for when you haven’t heard from him or her in a while. Make sure you personalize the invitation note.

Don’t Say You’re A Freelancer/Consultant… : Unless you are actually doing it! This means you can provide references from actual real clients. However, the sad truth is, that most people just change their title to consultant anyways. The problem is that this can be more detrimental to your job search than just listing “unemployed”. Once the hiring manager or recruiter call you and question you on your consulting activities and they realize you don’t have any, it’s all over.

With the growing number of social media sites available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Instead of trying to maintain profiles in a dozen or more sites-and doing a less than stellar job, choose two or three social media networks and focus your energy on managing those well.

Maybe one program (or series of posts or categories) is “interesting people or clients”. Another might be a “How To” show. Yet another might be a Talk Show that shares conflicting opinions on a specific topic. How about the Daily or Weekly News?

The premise here is that if you focus on your passion and EVERYTHING you can bring to the table to share that passion, the followers and customers will follow. Remember people are smarter and savvier shoppers. They will buy from you because they like and trust what you are standing for and not because what you’re offering is the cheapest.