Are you looking for candle making instructions on net? Then this is the right place for you to be. Candles are very popular nowadays and many people decorate their homes with perfumed, non-perfumed, designer candles and there are plenty of designs and perfumes to choose from. There are candle making instructions that you can simply follow in order for you to know how to make candles in an easier way. In fact, candle making is very simple and anyone can do candles from the comforts of their own home.

Aluminum molds are great for beginners, as they offer a number of benefits and few disadvantages. They are cheap to purchase and clean up readily once used. If you like, just turn them upside down on a cookie sheet and heat them to about 150-170 degrees. Any stray wax will melt away and fall onto the cookie sheet, which you can just let harden and pop off later.

A double boiler or massive pot is essential. a smaller jug with a handle for melting and pouring wax will also be needed. Next make sure you have a wooden stirrer, thermometer, soy wax and wicks. Lastly, you will need your choice of fragrances, colour dyes and or colour chips.

Paraffin wax is probably the most widely used. It is easy to work with, has a low melting point and is readily available. It is produced by the refining of petroleum believe it or not. Some candle makers put it down because it is a “synthetic wax.” But for many reasons including the fact that paraffin wax is biodegradable this is questionable.

Tallow wax and beeswax have been used in Candle making for thousands of years. Tallow is derived from livestock fat like cattle and sheep. It has the drawback of having an unpleasant odor when it burns.

One of the best projects to do when you are candle making for kids is the rolled beeswax candle. This is very easy to do and the only candle making supplies that are needed are beeswax sheets and cotton wicks. All that you need to do is take the cotton wick and lay it flat on the edge of the beeswax sheet that is closest to you.

A few other items you will need are oven mitts to protect your hands from burns when handling the hot wax and boiler. You will need scissors to cut your wick to the desired length. A thin wooden spoon is ideal for stirring your wax. Having foil and/or wax paper is recommended to protect surfaces while creating your candle.