Technorati reports that 30,000 – 40,000 new blogs are being created each day. According to David Sifry, part of the growth of new blogs created each day is due to an increase in spam blogs.

There is nothing wrong in monetizing your blog. People don’t pay for getting your unique content, so why should they decide how much advertising can also be found on your site?

Blogging gives you a wider platform to share your views, ideas and opinions. I mean, we see how Facebook and twitter are drawing us away from blogging but on these social networks we can not express ourselves fully and completely. If you have something valuable and important to share then you need to do that through blogging. Blogs can contain larger amount of content which is not possible on the aforementioned sites. Hence blogging becomes important.

OK, so you spent money on a flashy new business website, but you can’t seem to find it on the internet… How do you get people to find your business website when there are so many other sites offering the same services or products? Before people can find your site the search engines have to be blogging for fun able to find it first.

If you are a regular blogger, you need to ask yourself does it help or hinder your business? Blogging is a cost to your business that doesn’t appear anywhere in your accounts. Your probably try to keep down your phone bill, your transport costs and your accountancy fees. But the time you spend blogging will almost certainly add up to much more than these.

This principle also applies to video blogging. Perhaps you are a struggling actor or video engineer. If one of your core competencies involves corporate video production then video Content everyday could help sell your services. It’s worth considering, don’t you think?

As I indicated above, one could be scared of over-monetizing. But no one really could do that. Even sites with massive ads in comparison to content can have good conversion rates. It all deals with being relevant for visitors. Appearing in such a way as not to offend – yet still in such a way that it attracts the much-wanted clicks from visitors to your blog.

Just think it will take a lot of work, discipline and consistency. If you are prepared to do this, then you can really make money blogging for profit.