Imagine you are a salesperson who has spent most of the month trying to generate new business by cold calling without much success. This morning, out of the blue, your sales manager hands you a request for a proposal (RFP). Phew!…you can stop prospecting. Here’s someone who actually wants to buy your product! You can put the phone down and start work right away on a real live one!

Along the highway there is an endless array of Lodges, Inns, Resorts, and Campgrounds. Some going back to the 1920’s and some modern resorts. Whether it’s an old fashion log lodge with a huge stone fireplace and large over stuffed leather furniture or a sleek modern look with fine dining and all the modern conveniences , you will find it all on Highway 61.

Rabbi Schimmel would be proud that even today his potato pie is still a staple of the Lower East Side, still freshly made in the back and below the store. There’s even a dumbwaiter laundry chute spring to bring the freshly baked knishes up from below.

And that is precisely his issue. He didn’t comprehend that selling is not about becoming a fantastic closer. Selling is about becoming a terrific opener. It really is about creating possibilities. It is about discovering what men and women want and require, and then giving them the answer to their difficulty. Promoting is about creating the customer’s life better, simpler. But when you happen to be not opening consumers – creating opportunities – you have nothing to close. “What type of client get in touch with records do you hold?” I asked.

Lilly Scott did better with the Beatles’ “Fixing a Hole,” playing her guitar and bringing an indie vibe to the song. Ellen liked it a lot, praising her stage presence and unique voice. Simon said Lilly was “the best we’ve had so far,” although he thought she lacked star power. Kara termed her believable and comfortable on stage. Randy also liked her persona.

These are the places that are likely to take you in the future. You might even be able to go direct sometime down the line, but even if they don’t take people direct, you can ask them which agencies are on the chutes parts List and then do a deal with one of those.

Probably the most important basic thing to remember, is, if your snow blower is gasoline-powered, be sure that you start it in a well-ventilated area. If you start it in a closed up garage or shed, you’ll risk getting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Make sure all of the hand guards and safety mechanisms are in place, and are working properly, before you start it. Also, make sure all of the nuts, screws, bolts, and fasteners on the snow blower are in place and are secured tightly. Check the air in the tires to make sure they are properly inflated.

Helpful Tip: Use FreshBooks. Why you ask? Because its users get paid on average 14 days faster; my business is living proof of that fact. It’s a secure, online service that is free to use if you have three clients or less (if you have more clients there’s a nominal monthly fee). It does more than just make you look organized, you ARE organized. Invoices can be sent by email (links to a PDF, or you can have FreshBooks send them via regular mail). At your discretion your clients can have online access to their invoices and account history – very cool. You can generate invoices based on time, expenses, and fixed cost services/items or any combination thereof. And, they’ve got a great desktop widget and iPhone app.