Our lives are more complex than ever. We attach machines to ourselves to help us increase “productivity.” I’m in the camp that these productivity increasers (I can make up words, its my column) end up bogging us down more often than not. Take my average day. I am a career coach, a leader in a growing green recruiting company and I write this column. Mix in public speaking events, green job conferences, etc… and its hard to keep everything straight.

You want to wear higher quality clothes. It makes an impression and we all know that first impressions are important. If you don’t have a decent suit, go out and buy one; it’ll be worth it. Wearing higher quality clothes shows that you are willing to invest in your career and your future. You are dressing for success!

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, not to worry. There are qualified professionals who can help you “get to know yourself all over again,” make the best choices, and prevent you from making any hasty moves in your career that you may regret later. As a icf singapore who has helped countless individuals discover the profession that’s a perfect fit for them, I can help you make a positive career change, one step at a time.

Some employers feel that the Human Resources function is a necessary evil that they would gladly eliminate if they could. They view people as difficult resources who unnecessarily complicate the simple things of business life. They argue that employees are expensive, difficult to manage, and have their own agendas.

Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror after you have chosen what you are going to wear. What’s the impression they’re going to get? Step outside of yourself and think about what you would think when you looked at yourself for the first time. Is this the impression you want to make?

You are pessimistic. Having a positive attitude towards your job is very important to ensure success. You may have all the great skills you need, but if you don’t have a ‘go-getter’ attitude, you will never succeed. To be successful in your chosen career, you need to have the right mindset. Optimism will allow you to stay focused on your goal against all odds.

Not everyone is able to find a quality mentor. But, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you don’t want to waste your mentor’s time. Be prepared to provide him with important information so that he has a good understanding of where you’re trying to go on your career path. He will want to know that you’ve put some serious thought into the end result you wish to achieve. Your mentor is your career coach, but he will not do the work for you. His job is not to make decisions for the future of your career. His goal will be to provide you with intelligent assistance that will help you achieve your own personal career goals. But, you must decide what those goals are first.

Ultimately we are all responsible for managing our own careers. The annual performance appraisal is an event that you should prepare for as much as your manager does. As Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach says in her book, Career Ownership, ‘There is only one rule when it comes to our careers. Your career belongs to you. It’s your responsibility. You better own it’. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.