Canning is a common technique of food processing that enables fresh food to be suitable to eat for long periods of time. It makes consumers to stock up on a variety of foods and provide long shelf life. Canned fruit is a convenient option to fresh fruit, and is ready-to-serve when opened. It is tasty directly from the can, or for use in desserts and salads. It presents an easy way to meet daily fruit requirements, with a 1/2 cup generally equaling one serving.

Learn more about Blogging the Boys – Bloggers should not stop learning about how to be more effective in their craft. Learn more about topics on how to be effective on your blogging, about search engine optimization, etc. The moment you stop learning, you stop to blog.

“Lisa, you are going to go down there and order those planes back into service,” Jason said sternly. “I most certainly will not!” she shouted back, “have you taken even a moment’s time to wonder if this problem is the product of a hack or some sort of espionage?” “No, I haven’t. Quite frankly, I was leaning more towards the incompetence of the programming team,” Jason answered. Lisa shot a gaze at Jason that made him visibly uncomfortable and he cleared his throat while quickly breaking eye contact. “Lisa, when those planes go back into service Blogging the Boys will only be flying routine training missions there are only a handful deployed overseas,” Jason stated.

Advertising has changed massively and one of the most effective ways to promote your business is by writing engaging and interesting blogs about your business subject. Say you’re a tiler. Write blogs about the perfect patterns, colours or materials. As long as you give good advice and don’t shout shout shout that you’re a tiler people will most probably contact you to give them a quote. Think about it, why would someone read a blog about tile colours if they’re not thinking of having some tiling done?

In the past people would need to go through the phone book or Business Directory and actually call the companies. Today we have the internet which makes things much easier. If you access the company websites they will provide you a quote within minutes. You do not have to call the company, or feel pressured to buy etc. You can spend your own time researching what each company has to offer. There are even sites that will allow you to enter your information, and you receive quotes from 4-5 different companies for comparison.

These are just a few additional ways in which an artist can promote their art and develop their brand. This may sound like a lot of work but once these different media are set up and functioning, it is then there for the artist to take advantage of these opportunities and to promote their art.

I think we have entered a new era of “Socialites”. Not the Paris Hilton types, but more like the socialites of the 1920’s. It is rumored that the term was coined around 1928 by the writers and editors at Time magazine, as a contraction of “social light”. The inference was that people would show up at social events and “shine”, either naturally or artificially. Some considered themselves of “true society blood”. They where socialites (by pedigree). And then there were “register-ites” (those who didn’t have the “right” background to have gotten in, but rich girls who lived fabled – sometimes fast – lives).

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