Summer jobs for teachers are only optional. In fact with school being out, it is common that mentors don’t have jobs. Students in the first place are no longer there, so what is there to work on? And having no pupils mean no salary as well on the teacher’s end.

Reason 1: Financial reasons. As previously stated, since there are no students catered in school therefore no work on the teachers side. And with no tasks at hand, definitely no salary at the end of the month. This can prove really unhealthy on the mentor’s end especially if he or she is currently a parent. In addition, if this is the only source of their income, then they really need to find other working opportunities and alternatives.

The basketball gym is by far the most popular part of the recreation center. The gym is free with one regulation full court and 2 side full courts which equals a total of 6 rims in the inside gym. This is nice because when people is playing on the main rims, you can choose to play on the side rims. If you don’t have a ball then the center can provide you with one when you sign in. A big green net separates the regulated full court because adults won’t take over the hole gym leaving the kids with no where to play. So this leaves one main basket on each side with two side baskets on each side. The two side rims is where people get full court pick up games going.

5) sports. What do you like to do? If you love skiing, start a story on a chair lift. If you love playing Wii, start a story in the living room with two characters playing Wii.

If you have very young children in addition to those who will be home schooled, be sure to plan activities and projects that will keep them occupied during the time you spend teaching your older child. Planning in advance will allow you to make the most productive use of your time in the classroom.

Time is money. Whether your time is charged out by the hour or by the job, time is money. If you waste time, you are wasting money. When it is not money, you may be giving up quality personal time due to a sloppy schedule at home.

If you haven’t done it already, make your bucket list of things that you want to be, do, have and experience before you kick the bucket. Then plan to do them. And, more importantly, take the necessary action steps. Is there anything you can be doing right now to prepare so you can hit the ground running once you retire?

I know that so many places continuously ask year around. For me this is a gift I hand deliver and know exactly who will be delivering it. So I ask everyone to do what you can and regardless of how small, many smalls add up to a tremendous large help. I’ve decided to cut back on my eating out for two months and take this money and give to help someone this year whether it be in the form of food, clothing or illness. I can make this decision but there are many who have it made for them. So if you want, join me and let me know what you decided to do.