Like most performance car manufacturers these days, losing those extra kilos in their flagship coupe showcases their abilities to build a more serious out and out coupe than the base model, which has to cater to a wider audience and is still built to a certain budgeted cost. Manufacturers like Porsche have long known this and you can see in their 911 series of cars. You have the basic Carerra which becomes the Carerra S, which then morphs into the GT3, which then becomes the GT3 RS. Each model slightly more performance oriented than the one before up to a point where it goes pretty extreme and lots of weight loss is the key to increased performance.

There is however a new alternative which has recently come on to the market. These new doors are set to meet the hopes and expectations of the majority of homeowners, not just those interested in style and design. With this in mind, buyers can get excited about choosing the options to suit them and create their perfect front door.

The upcoming model was built based on the ‘LifeDrive’ concept, which means that the automobile will have sections made of entirely different materials. The ‘Drive’ section is made up mostly of light aluminum. This section makes up the bottom half of the entire vehicle. The life passenger compartment is made of CFRB or carbon-FRP Grating China. You will find this section sitting atop the ‘Drive’ section.

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There are many different types of pool. You must determine what you want since getting a pool is not the same as buying a candy. It might not get the worth of your money if you carelessly pick the wrong one that does not fit your tastes. Generally, pools mainly differ on how the basin of the pool was constructed. The cheapest and easiest to build type of pool is an above ground pool. The reason is that either you or a professional can assemble this type of pool. Another type of pool is a fiberglass pool. It is a pool with fiberglass-reinforced plastic surrounded by concrete.

The carbon fiber and other light materials are used in places like the bumpers and roof that are far from the center of gravity and/or high up, so that they not only reduce the overall weight but improve the handling by reducing the moment of inertia and lowering the center of mass height.

Finally, while looking at mid-size cars and concept cars, another option jumps up to be noticed. The BMW i3 all electric city hatchback is a car to watch. With the body made from carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, it is built to last. BMW hopes to have it on sale in Australia by 2015. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? But, when selecting the right model for you, you’re in the driver’s seat.