Many people invest in boats for cruising around seas, rivers and lakes. For people who just prefer a slow moving vessel to enjoy their time on water, a pontoon boat is perfect for them especially during family outing, fishing trips and entertaining guests. It is a slow moving vessel that consists of two floatation device called pontoons and a platform on top. These boats are equipped with couches, a bimini top to protect its passengers from the sun and a ladder for the swimmers to easily get in and out of the water. Cruising on a pontoon boat offers a fun and comfortable experience.

The best way to save money with wooden boat building is to do your project right the first time. If you spend a lot of money on materials and using a free plan, mess up the project, you will only have to start over again and do it correctly. This will definitely not save you money, because you will have wasted all of the materials on your fudged project.

Pontoon boats are small-sized boats that are used for hunting or fishing purposes. If you have a pontoon boat then do consider buying a pontoon boat cover for it. There are two kinds of pontoon boat covers. They are non-trailer able boat covers and trailer able covers. The non-trailer able covers are used when the boat is kept stationary. The other one is used when you put the boat on a trailer.

Regular engine maintenance and tune-ups will contribute greatly to your boat’s overall fuel efficiency. If your motor is not operating the way it should, chances are the system will be working overtime and eating up more fuel. You might have a professional marine technician overhaul your engine. Also be sure you are running your boat within the RPM range recommended by the manufacturer for best fuel efficiency.

The most inexpensive storage option for your boat is typically at home. That will require you to purchase a trailer and have a spot at home to put it in. This is assuming you have a suitable truck or SUV that can pull a gps store and trailer. If you are leaving your boat outside, does it detract from the appearance of your home? Be sure to double check with your neighborhood or homeowners association to make sure there are no policies against this. Make sure you have a spot for your boat before you buy it!

While the fiberglass was being restored, we set about the task of finding carpet, ordering it, and getting it ready for installation. Although boat carpet can be found in local carpet stores, home improvement stores, or marine supplies, the selection is usually very limited, especially in color choices. Because our boat was in the brown and bronze tones, our search led us to the internet to find a carpet color that would complement the boat colors. The best selection and best prices were found at a carpet outlet store in the carpet capital of the world–Dalton, Georgia. We ordered 20 feet to do the job, but that turned out to be too much, but at least we did not run short. The carpet was about $6.00 a foot. After shipping, we had about $160 in carpet. Now we have spent $1020.

Needless to say, boat covers have to be properly maintained as well regardless of their quality. Moisture on a cover should be kept to a minimum. When in storage, the boat cover should be stowed in a cool dry place where mold will not form. It should also be cleaned from time to time with water and mild soap.