What is the issue that keeps you from enjoying your meditation session more? Is it the difficulty of finding a quiet location? Is it the lack of time to schedule it into your day? Do constant interruptions keep your meditations elusive? Or the intrusion of thoughts that have a mind of their own?

Some believe, that one develops in association with the mantra is one chance it begins to learn more about the object of mindfulness meditation baltimore. For instance, if you chant the Maha mantra every day, you will naturally want to learn more about Krishna. If you were to chant Jehovah, everyday, you’d be more inclined to learn more about God.

Do not punish yourself because your mind is unruly. For a whole lifetime it has been accustomed to agitation. It has been neglected and never been properly cared for. It has had to endure the pain and pressure of a lifetime’s backlog of unresolved thoughts and experiences. It will take time for it to adjust to the discipline of a new routine and calm down.

Many Catholics, pray the rosary, which is also a form of mantra meditation. The Bible says to meditate on the name of the Lord, many people use a form of mantra meditation with the words Jehovah, or praise Jesus.

Once you feel His presence, ask God to guide you through your catholic meditation. Ask Him to give you positive thoughts and to keep you away from the inappropriate ones. Give God all the credit for the great success of your meditation. Put your whole self in His presence and abandon yourself to His guidance.

Of course, you do value meditation. But it is not good enough for this to be a vague kind of ‘Oh yes, I know meditation is good for me and I should do more.’ That is unlikely to get you focused when your day grows tricky.

There is some amazing new sound technology available where with special recording equipment, this Shakti/bliss has been recorded and turned into sound. So simply by listening to some very unique meditation music, this Shakti/bliss energy is awakened in you.

For beginners, and trained as well, it can be very helpful to listen to meditation audio recordings that can guide you through the practice. Listening to music and nature sounds can also help you relax and find peace.