The trend is toward a new, contemporary style of photography. It is relaxed, natural and artistic than ever before. Gone are the old, forced, unnatural looking poses to the past. Today’s couples are more educated consumers and do not want the old, musty styles of photography, which their parents had on their wedding day.

With anything that you do, the first thing that you want to do is research your field. You want to know the in and outs of singapore wedding photography. Do not start anything without doing preliminary research. Subscribe to wedding magazines, read books, and use the internet to research your market. Also, asks professionals that are already in the field questions. Even though they are your competition, most will be happy to help a fellow business person.

Make your own wedding album. Depending on your photographer and the number of photo taken you can save hundreds (or more) by putting together your own album.

You should always set your aperture and shutter speed. Also, be careful and keep in mind that there should be difference between settings of aperture and shutter speed at the time of day wedding and night wedding. Also, listen to ideas and views of your subject and then give them your suggestion and idea. It not only gives you plenty of ideas but also create a comfortable atmosphere between you and your subject.

If you are planning on taking holiday themed pictures, try to dress the family not only for the season, but in something that will remain appealing to you throughout the years. For example, instead of dressing everyone in lurid Christmas sweaters, choose a solid red or green button down shirt. This will make choosing a background easier for the photographer, and keep a smile on your teenagers face!

Reduce the number of hours you’ll need a photographer. For example, instead of having the photographer follow you around while you’re running to the salon to get your hair done, have your bridesmaids snap those photos.

We once shot a wedding at a very nice country club in Newport Beach, CA and the reception was about the worst we’ve ever seen. No, don’t get me wrong- the couple was beautiful, the table settings were elegant, the food was great, but there was one problem… The DJ was bad. I mean bride running out of the room crying-bad! I’m talking groom asking the DJ to actually leave- bad! Was it their first time? Maybe. Were they a “great deal” not so much. It was sad but I kept asking myself- what made the couple decide to hire THAT DJ? To me, it was obvious that these people never worked a wedding in their lives. I’m sure the couple would’ve gone a different route if they could do it all over again.

To make sure that the photographer doesn’t bother you or your new husband at the wedding or waste precious time tracking down guests, it’s a good idea to enlist a point person to help. People respond more readily to a bridesmaid or a friend. This individual can also be instrumental in gathering folks for group shots, especially immediately after the ceremony, when everyone tends to be distracted.