Once you have picked your food line up for the game picking what to serve it on is the next step. Don’t think that this step – or using any trays is not important. Go ahead serve those baked beans, dips and salsa on paper plates. One spill in on the floor and I will bet your toast when your spouse gets home. If that doesn’t motivate you think of this. A big plate of salsa and chips gets soggy and slides onto your remote control and fries it, and not on the game channel!

I was hot and tired . . . and cranky. I was ready to be comfortable, but even though our restaurant was serving outside it was still too warm inside their canopy to accommodate cold-blooded diners. Our waiter kindly disconnected one of the canopy heaters just for me. I was happy. Sue wrapped up a little tighter in her sweater . . . and was almost as happy. Peg then joined us, and complained about the heat . . . unprompted.

Be sure to buy trays with nicely sized cubes, usually about 8-10 cubes per tray. You can find them for a couple of bucks each. Depending on how much baby food you are making will depend on how many trays you will need. Once you spoon the baby food puree into the trays and freeze, you will then knock out the cubes and transfer them into labeled plastic bags and reuse the trays for your next batch.

2) What’s in the Bag? For this game, you’ll need ten brown paper lunch bags, ten small baby items (for example: diaper, comb, travel size powder, bib, four ounce bottle, nasal aspirator, etc.). Write the numbers one through ten on the bags and place a baby item inside each one, stapling or taping the bags shut. Give your guests pens and pads of paper and then pass around the bag labeled number one. Tell them they must feel what’s in the bag and then write down what they believe the item to be. Continue passing around the bags until each guest has had the chance to examine them and guess what they think is in the bags. The one with the most items guessed correcly wins a prize.

But how much can they handle, you may wonder? Up to five gallons. This means that even mid-size spills won’t cause any overflow problems. You’ll probably find though that you won’t ever come near the capacity of those trays.

In general, try to find out something about the recipient, so that you can purchase a thoughtful gift that she’ll love. And whatever you do don’t name plato ducha a constellation after her.

You may not know this but more and more people are using teeth whitener products and teeth bleaching trays are amongst the popular ones. Why are they becoming more popular? It has been proven that this teeth whitening process is the most cost effective way to whiten your teeth and overall your smile. People would rather buy these teeth bleaching kits over the counter rather than paying a fortune at the dentists just to get their teeth whitened.

Having read this article you should start to see how coffee tables are things of the past. Unless you are going for true artistic expression with your table, an ottoman tray is by far the superior choice when talking about pure functionality. Next time you are in the furniture store, remember that.