The money you spend to purchase your car only represents a portion of the cash outlay necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. You’ll also need to allocate part of your budget to periodic repairs and replacement parts. Both are inevitable.

Never buy a car you haven’t driven. It is easier to inspect a car on level ground. That way you can tell if the car sits level. If the car you are inspecting is parked on uneven ground try to park it somewhere more level after you take it for a test drive.

Finally, check the inside of the exhaust pipe. Use your finger to rub around the inside of it. There should always be a tiny bit of something in there but if you rub around in it and your finger comes out black, unless it is a diesel, that’s not a good sign. It usually means it hasn’t been running right and is burning way too much petrol. If it is a diesel, then lots of black stuff is normal.

So, go back two paragraphs and then you’ll find the answer to the original question is money, instant gratification and short-term thinking. I thought the American public would have seen through the smoke and mirrors during the energy crisis of the 1970’s but, even after a couple more times when the oil manipulators have controlled the lives of willing consumers, there are still those who haven’t.

The exhaust systems present in most vehicles at the time of purchase are of a low quality. Hence, it becomes necessary to get the exhaust upgraded with a new one, as a proficient system will burn less fuel, thereby saving energy. Replacing the system with an upgraded one is not a difficult task and anyone with minimal knowledge of technicality can replace it quickly. All you would need is a screwdriver, jack, safety glasses, and gloves to begin the upgrading process.

The RMM (or Rod Millen Motorsports) Cat-less Downpipe is the most commonly used. However many other brands exist. Some down-pipes, such as the Random Technology DP, feature an emissions legal high-flow catalytic converter recyclers.

ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System – referred to as active safety, ABS prevents your car skidding under hard braking. If you’re skidding, you can’t steer or control the car. In practice, wheel sensors can tell when the wheels are locked (skidding) and deliver a message to the brakes to tell them to ease off to allow the driver to avoid skid and correct steering. You can often feel this happening – the brake pedal vibrates beneath your foot, it feels a bit like you’re driving over ripple strips.

You can also improve things when the exhaust gases leave the catalytic converter and head for the silencer on the way out into the atmosphere. You can do that by opting for a cat back exhaust. You can check out these products conveniently by going online.