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7) The type of setting you select to hold your diamond can influence the diamond’s perceived size as well as affect the dollars you have to spend on the diamond. White gold settings cost about one-third of platinum settings, leaving more money for your diamond. Bezel set 鑽石級數 or diamonds with pave around the center stone can make the diamond appear bigger.

Although the term “heart shaped diamond” is fairly self-explanatory, there are very specific and sometimes complex processes involved in the cutting of a diamond into a heart shape. The majority of heart shaped diamonds have a heart facet at the top, and triangular shaped facets around the table.

First, let’s look at the availability of diamonds. Diamonds are hard to come by and getting the right cut is even harder. A professional jeweler has to be extremely careful while working to cut the diamond from its rough shape into the diamond we see on rings. Just accounting for his time and labor alone, the process can get expensive. So why would you want to lose even more money fitting the diamond into a setting? So keep your diamond loose and you will see a higher value from it.

There are dazzling hues of the natural fancy colored diamonds. From blue diamond, to green diamond, you will discover several hues that you can choose from. There are also many hues of the flirty pink, seductive red, lovely yellow, majestic blue. You may get personalized jewelry from this set of diamonds.

Selling diamonds are a great way to gain a good amount of profit or fast cash. It will be hard letting go of these pieces because of their value and sentiments brought to your life, but your perception will change once you know how much people are willing to pay for your old diamond pieces. Diamonds and their extremely high demands have taken the interest of sellers and buyers all around the world. Throughout the years, the value of diamonds have fluctuated with the ongoing problem in stocks and mining. You can consider selling your unwanted diamonds as an advantage to make extra money in this rough economy.

In the end, you should buy whatever ring you think your fiancee-to-be will like the most. If you do decide to buy a pearl instead of diamond engagement ring, you’ll be able to easily incorporate diamonds into the design. Add a ring of small diamonds around the pearl, or set a smaller pearl between a couple of larger diamonds. You could even inlay a bunch of tiny diamonds into the ring band itself. Go online to a ring design site and play around until you come up with a few looks she might like. The fact that you had a part in designing the ring yourself will make it all the more special.