I can’t quite seem to place where exactly, our trip to The Homestead restaurant in Tacoma, Washington turned sour. Perhaps it was the content cockroach on my daughter’s high chair. Maybe it was the casual manner in which the waitress bare-handedly slapped it off. Or it could have been the way she absently handed us a new, broken high chair to replace the now soiled one.

The food blog fourth biggest flop is Ten Tips to Help Women Save Money on Car Insurance”. With only 32 page views, this article was one of my highest upfront payments but hasn’t made me a penny in performance bonus. I guess women aren’t interested in saving money on car insurance or perhaps the article is too broad to be found in the search engines. No matter how you slice it, 32 page views bruises the ego!

Cost: Generally, the base price of a month’s worth of food is around $300. This is before you take advantage of coupons and discounts that can save quite a bit. Less than $10 for five meals is certainly very reasonable and comes in at around $2 per meal before specials. There is also a “flex” program that lets you take two days off per week. This plan requires less meals from the company so it runs $100 cheaper.

Get in touch with an efficient travel agent who provides round the clock service. If you need to visit a number of locations, avoid getting tickets for a number of round trips. Instead, get a circle trip ticket, to gain from supersaver fares. Moreover, if you are flying with a single airline, keep their schedule book handy, in case you miss a flight.

One way to keep your energy high is by having a healthy diet. Instead of snacking on junk Read about food, why don’t you take a bite of energizing fruits like mangoes and strawberries? Or if you want, you can treat yourself to a delicious fruit smoothie.

And you will also here about events in ALL the Hawaiian Islands that you will want to know about. You will also hear my Restaurant recommendations. For example…

When you try low carb smoked salmon, don’t be shocked by how good it tastes. You may have started to think that anything that advertises itself as low carb must taste like cardboard, but it’s not true. Processes bars designed to be low carb are also often awful, but smoked salmon is naturally low in carbohydrates, which means you get it’s natural delicious flavors. It’s also a high protein snack, which means it can give you the energy boost you need to get to the gym, or just get through your day.

Finally, be sure to check out my to-die-for Grilled Beets with Feta recipe at my food blog, Sarah’s Cucina Bella. The beets are infused with fresh rosemary while cooking on the grill and then topped with some creamy and slightly salty feta cheese. It’s simply divine. You won’t regret it.