Do you prefer long term properties? A lot of investors today are into buy to let investment property. As compared to shares or stocks, real estate properties involve fewer risks and great earning potential. If you are interested, you can make use of these great tips.

Many people post job ads on Craiglist to generate leads for referrals with a posting for ‘market research’ or any number of things. On the plus side, you’re sure to have people contacting you who are interested in making extra money. This is how I got signed up, actually. On the negative side, most of your leads are people who are looking for an actual job and probably won’t appreciate someone wasting their time. Also, it’s a violation of Craigslist posting guidelines, and repeated abuse could result in your IP address getting permanently banned from posting on the site.

Ebay is good – as you can easily see hundreds if not thousands of products and services that people are willing to pay for. Once again, take your time, do targeted searching, and concentrate in one or two identified good targeted areas.

Another nice freelance program allows you to get paid for Market SWOT Analysis. Even in the poor economy, marketing is still a large business and marketers need demographic and other information to market products successfully. These research programs are like focus groups that you may have seen at the mall or at a hotel but instead they are done at home. Most of the research tasks take less then an hour with a very nice payout.

If you are the creative type, Online Book Writing may be your cup of tea. Many online publishers allow you to self publish, meaning you don’t pay any fees upfront and set the price for your books or other publications. If you can sit down and write a single page a day, you could public a few books a year. That is extra money in your pocket with a very small effort.

It takes practice to master the art of persuasion. You can’t just walk in the first day on the job and expect everything to go your way because you have influence over your co-workers. You need to practice before making a presentation. Rehearse all possibilities or “what ifs” that could happen during your proposal and how you will react to the situation. Ask yourself what is the best way to present this information?

Another factor in inner-influence is focus. Focusing your mind and what you tell yourself. We imagine things in our head all the time, but what matters is what and how you are imagining it. If you’re picturing how your going to mess up your speech in front of your peers then the outcome of your speech probably won’t be a good one.

It can be hard to earn huge profits over the short term and so holding them and becoming a landlord is an excellent choice. In 10-30 years, the price of the property will have doubled or tripled and you have already paid off the mortgage. Monthly rentals will continue to come in. A buy to let investment property is definitely a great way to generate wealth over the long term!