Planning an international holiday for your family? OR A new laptop for your son? OR A new smart phone for your daughter? OR The diamond ring for your wife?

You can use any type of nondairy, unsweetened milk substitute such as almond milk or soy milk. Or you can make your own almond milk. If you make your own almond milk from soaked almonds and water, strain it to get out the bits of nuts and skins of the almond so you have a clear milky liquid. Check out the online videos on how to make almond milk. See, How to make almond milk by Amy Davis – YouTube. Also see, How to Make Almond Milk (Video): TreeHugger. And view this recipe at the raw foods site, How to make almond milk.

“Let Them Eat Cake!” Like Maria Antoinette, ignore the needs of your peasants (and clients). Avoid any form of market research that would help gain insight into the client’s needs and desires. Never ask potential and current clients anything and ignore concerns or suggestions.

As stated above, there are a lot of options available for someone looking for jewelry. One can choose from bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces. As most of us do not like to wear heavy ornaments, pendants and rings are the ones which are highly in demand. You can get 對戒, silver, gold and platinum rings and pendants easily in any of the regular retail jewelry store. But if you are after something unique looks engaging then gemstones should be your choice. When it comes to them you should go for Emerald rings.

If you want to sweeten, use your favorite sweetener, and for nog, natural rum and vanilla flavorings. You can make your own almond milk from soaked almonds and water. All you need to start in addition to the ingredients are a container to store the eggless nog in, a cheesecloth, and your blender.

Back at the house, a duffel bag arrived with a note for Kate, Susan, Erin, Tina, Amber, Danielle, and Peyton to “show their athletic side.” The second group date was at a Santa Monica beach hotel. However, there was a catch. The girls were challenged to a mini triathlon. The bachelor told them that first they had to swim four laps in the pool, then ride two miles on stationary spin bikes, ending with five laps around the pool on foot. Kate was the first one to finish the swim but Danielle bested her on the bike. However, it was Amber, who had been training for a marathon, that won the competition. That got her some alone time with Andy who declared that he loved that “she was up for anything.” They ended the evening with a romantic stroll on the beach.

Should you choose to make branding choices opposite to those above and create an impressive brand, you can expect to gain loyal, repeat clients who will refer new clients, lower the overall cost of advertising, increase your firm’s capitalization, and enable you to charge about 5% more for your products/services.