What is more pleasing to see in the morning? Well, what else but a beautiful smile from the people you love and the people around you. Smile is like a contagious disease that can easily spread to everybody. Not only that it is contagious but it is also like a steroid that can boost one’s self esteem and energy. When everything seems down and hopeless one smile is good enough to ease and lighten up everything. It gives hope and casts a bright radial feeling through the darkest moment of a person.

Being a positive person starts from within. If you want to have healthy emotions, be healthy inside out. Take good care of yourself. Watch what you eat. Basically, eat healthy with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water and natural fruit juices. Feed your mind with good thoughts and ideas. Be mindful of the books and other informational resources you read. What kind of movies do you watch? Be careful with your choices. You wouldn’t want to be muddled by negativity from pessimistic or dreadful TV shows or movies. Music feeds your soul, and feed your soul with good We’re all in this together from relaxing, harmonious and positive music.

Now on the other hand think about a good vibes day you have had, the better you felt and the more positive energy you emitted the better and better your day was… The more great things showed up, the more positive you felt.

To manifest your dreams and desires using the law of attraction, you must see and feel them in your possession. To help you do this, get a picture of them so that you can constantly see your dream in your possession. This places it in your subconscious mind and starts the manifestation process.

By starting your morning right, you are setting the pace for the rest of your day. When you find yourself getting out of the wrong side of bed, snap out of your negative stupor and get right back to thinking positive things.

You’re going to run into artists that have a lot of attitude. It’s inevitable and just a matter of time. A couple of buddies of mine were doing a gig with Kenny G and they walked into the rehearsal and there’s Kenny standing there with his saxophone playing away doing his circular breathing thing while he’s meeting all the players! Circular breathing technique allows you to continuously play without stopping. So he’s standing there blasting away on his horn while shaking hands with these guys. And apparently that was just the beginning of the attitude! At one point he yells at the drummer, “Drummer here’s your tempo!” So there are times when you have to steel yourself against the negative vibes. You truly put on your game face in these moments.

Ask Coach Jeff… Question: As I understand it, Law of Attraction involves focusing your attention, then allowing the results to happen. I’m struggling with this a little, because they seem like opposites. How can I make the process work?