That’s correct! You are essentially paying for free information. True, you will discover the occasional secret revealed through specific marketing tests. Mostly though, the ebook or audio course is old info.

Posting on other people’s blogs is a fast and valuable way of creating backlinks to your website. Again, look for blogs of similar themes, this way you can be sure of getting targeted traffic. Post only on blogs that allow you to include your website link. You can even write the text link you want linking back to you in the “Your Name” column of the comment form.

Think about it! Can you think of anything that has been written in any info product you have bought – that you haven’t later read in online blogs and websites.

So what do sploggers do? It’s quite a simple process really. They use special software packages to generate hundreds or thousands of blogs each and every day. They then fill these blogs with crap content produced by other software packages – most of this content is barely readable. They then fill those pages of content with adverts. The splogs are then found by the search engines, people click on the ads and the splogger makes lots of money. The splogs are specifically built to offer no real value so that you’ll click on the Google or Yahoo ads instead. It’s a complete scam.

You can use RSS syndication on your web blog and submit feeds to several news pages, directories, more: directly to Google’s FeedBurner. Now, that’s what I call laser-targeted traffic! Also having RSS updates on your blog allows you to market automatically, and subscribers get updates until they cancel their subscription.

Therefore marketing online with a Blog is supposed to be easy. Many Read my funny blog platforms give you easy control panels, blogs are easy to set up, change, add content to and make viral. A blog is like having a virtual classified site, to share your genuine experiences, review services, products and provide information others are seeking for. You can really blog about everything you want to and can still find valuable products to market on your blog.

Blog posts allow you to use an informal conversation to learn and promote. For example, perhaps you are promoting an informational e-book. The topic is on selling on the web. You could work with an ad copywriter to structure a blog post that educates the reader on some aspects of this product.

Again, BOREDOM is a choice. Next time you find yourself doing nothing, instead of searching for mildly entertaining distractions, try branding yourself online, and in doing so, make new friends and some money.